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Do you know where these people are?

We are currently looking for the following classmates.  If you know how to contact them, please do.  Have them visit this website, call Tracy Davis-Robert at 937.748.9644, or enter the info yourself via the Fellow Classmate Info page.

Bryan Akers
Jodi Barbee
Justin Beck
Douglas Bender
Michael Binegar
Leslie Blakes
Josh Brammer
Nichole Church-Oplinger
Jacquelin Cole
James Cordle
Micheal (Jose) Coward
Angela Cox
Douglas Dafler
Eric Davis
Tamara Davis
Robin Didier
Kitty Dotson
Steve Ellis
Christy Fisher-Rice
Robyn Gesualdo
Michelle Goff-Brandenburg
Richard (Jason) Graham
Jamie Greer
Carrie Griffin
David Grise
Gregory Henderson
Angela Hermann
Amy Honeyman-Sigman
Tomoko Horita
Janice Januszak
Angela Jones
Jason Jones
Tomoko Katase
Jason Kilpatrick
Robert Kittle
Jeffrey Lewis
Justin Lynott
Jeffrey Miller
Jeremy Miller
Wilbur Miller
Steven Morrie
Shane Morris
Jody M. North
Yuko Ohama
James Poland
Abrar Quadar
Amy Reinke
Arianna Sapp-Calhoun
Charlene Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Katina Stockslager
Cannon Sullenberger
Joshua Swindell
Nugalfti Tahamont
Timothy Terry
Gregory Tucker
Justin Tucker
Shelly Ward
Peggy Weaver
Miki Yamamoto
Anthony (Seth) Yokum
John Young

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