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Van Cleve School is currently being used as an elementary school after 43 years of service as Troy's High School.

The school under went  two major additions as Troy High School. 

The High School changed locations in 1958 under superintendent Glenn B. Jeffers and  Principal Charles Secoy.  

for School And Major Additions.

Van Cleve High School 



 Industrial Arts Wing

Van Cleve Auditorium

Van Cleve Auditorium  was added in 1931. This was quite the achievement for the school because the addition was built during the Great Depression.

Number of Student During the First year the High School was open.



History of Van Cleve School

Coming to Van Cleve from the Kyle years brought the rivalry of the Troy-Piqua athletic contests with the famous Troy-Piqua Thanksgiving Day Football Game. 

Pictures From The 1918 High School Year Book

The Lowell-Whttier Literary Societies conducted their activities which culminated in an annual literary contest that was also the high point of social activity.

  • Events were held each February. 
    The Four main events were oration, a long poem, a debate, and a newspaper. 

  • Many pranks cropped up preceding the contests--The purple and gold Lowells trying to outdo the blue and white Whittiers. 

  • These pranks, and fights eventually got out of hand and led to the disbanding of the two societies. 

Even back in the 1900's high school pranks occurred. The usual pranks of smearing Limburger Cheese on the radiators, of placing skunks in lockers, and of stacking lockers came with each passing group of students.

Pictures From The 1918 High School Year Book

Even in good times of the school, there were still major events of tragedy. Tragedies like World War I and World War II took many of Troy's students away from their education and into the  battlefield. 

  • During World War I students still at the high school mailed soldiers a paper known as the Trojan.

  • The Troy High School year book honored the heroes of  World War II.

In 1942 Troy City School gave the go ahead for the high school to build a new industrial arts building. The Air Corps officials at Patterson Field expressed an interest in the ability of the Troy Schools to train employees. The addition was finished in 1949.

Historical Events During  1915-1958

1915- Bell Telephone made the first transcontinental voice telephone call. 

1916- Albert Einstein publishes the Theory of Relativity. 

1917- US enters World War I 

1918- World War I ends 

1929-1940- Great Depression 

1928- Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin.

1930-Pluto is discovered. 

1939-World War II begins in Europe

1941-Atack on Pearl Harbor 

1941- US enters World War II 

1950-1953- Korean War

1953- Watson and Crick identified the structure of DNA.


Events In Troy During 1915-1958

1922- ST&P Rail Road closes and parts are sold as scrap. 

1926- May 17th Stouder Memorial Hospital, is constructed.

1936- Troy Fishing Game Club is established for conversation 

1952- The upper part of the Miami County Courthouse is painted green. 

1953-Kerr Fulton moves to Troy and establishes Fulton Farms.


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