Reunion Pictures

(These are the first images back from the digital camera.  Because of the dark room, they may not be clear.  More images to come...)
Mvc-001fx.jpg (63275 bytes)
Mvc-007f.jpg (41722 bytes)
DJ is ready
Mvc-009f.jpg (57253 bytes)
Where are the people?
Mvc-013f.jpg (62607 bytes)
Table decor
Mvc-016f.jpg (46195 bytes)
Mvc-015f.jpg (31010 bytes)
Door prize table
Mvc-014f.jpg (45068 bytes)
Signing in
Mvc-023f.jpg (52444 bytes)
Mvc-021f.jpg (52748 bytes)
In line to eat
Mvc-020f.jpg (47512 bytes)
Mvc-018f.jpg (57926 bytes)
Mvc-024f.jpg (56437 bytes)
and more talking
Mvc-025f.jpg (40710 bytes)
Tracy welcomes everyone
(What got into her?)
Mvc-001f.jpg (34731 bytes)
Jerry gets down!
Mvc-019f.jpg (32442 bytes)
Remembers those not
 with us anymore

Results of Awards
Changed the Most:  Ken Jackson
Least Changed: Eric Lyme
First to be Married: Brian and Crystal (Kowrach)Younce
Newlywed Award:  Cheryl (Fisher) Collier and Gene Collier
Frequent Flyer Award:  Mike Hannahs (Germany)
Most Eligible Class Bachelor:  Adam Grubb
Most Eligible Class Bachelorette:  Tracy Davis
Biggest Beer Belly:  Shane Dixon
Biggest Bun in the Oven:  Wendy (Johnston) Bair
Professional Student:  Una Lee (finishing med school)
Same hair style:  Maria Massey
Aquanet Award (biggest hair in HS):  Julia (Reel) Niles
Married HS Sweetheart:   David Huette and Jennifer (Thokey) Huette (13 yrs together)
Most Likely to Pull you Over When you Leave:  Adam Grubb (Miami County Sheriff)
General Award (highest rank in military):  Mike Hannahs
Woman w/ the Oldest Husband:  Tonya (Morrow) Langer (Bryan- 38)
Man w/ the Youngest Wife:  Jerry Miller (Melinda-25)
Fertility Award:  Jeff and Missy Schlarman (4 children)