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The West-Central Ohio Chambers Wage, Salary & Benefits Survey is a cooperative effort of the Darke County, Celina/Mercer County, Preble County, Southwest Auglaize County, and Wapakoneta Area chambers. This cooperative effort of neighboring chambers, not only promotes a closer relationship amongst the chambers, but, more importantly, offers the advantage of sharing our resources to provide better programming and resource information for our members.

Survey results are expected to be available early August.  The results will be distributed free of charge to those who participate.  Chamber member businesses that do not participate will have to purchase the survey results at $50.00/copy.  Non-member costs will be $100.00.  All completed forms are confidential and respondents will not be identified in the results.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey...your input is critically important and your participation will go a long way in providing the type of comparative data you need to manage your business more effectively.  If hard copy works best for you, simply complete the form below and mail it to the address noted.  However, if you do complete the survey electronically, the information you submit this year will be saved electronically and next year you will only have to review and update the information that you submit. 

Please complete the survey by Saturday, July 11.  Thank you for your input, and we look forward to including your company's data in the survey.

A special "Thank You" to the Wage & Salary Survey Team for preparing the survey.
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  • Complete all questions marked with an asterisk (*).  You will not be able to continue until these questions are answered.  If a question is not marked with an asterisk and it does not pertain to you, leave the question blank.
  • When answering questions asking for values, dollars, or percent, use only numbers.  Do not enter dollar signs ($) or percent signs (%).  Do not enter ranges of numbers (ex: "3-5").  If your response should be a range, enter the average of the range.  Using a minus sign to show a negative number for a decrease is acceptable.
  • If different groups of people in organization would justify different responses, please use the average of the largest group affected.
  • Each page contains a place for comments.  If you feel the data you entered needs more clarification, you have chosen "Other", would like suggest future changes, or just have general comments about the section, please feel free to use this field.
  • Your responses are saved page by page.  After you enter your company info, you will get a "Survey ID" that you can use to stop the survey in the middle and restart it later.
  • If you encounter a problem with the survey, click the "Back" button once and try to resubmit your response again.  You can also click "Help" on each page.
  • You can backup through the survey to change your responses -or- go to the "Survey Index" and jump to one section.  However, doing so will not save any info on the page you are currently on.  To get to the "Survey Index" page, choose "Pause" at the top of the page.
  • You can print the survey when you are completely done will all sections.

This survey is fully compliant with the Antitrust Safety Zone statements issued by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

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